Curious activity on Mitt Romney’s Twitter

Since yesterday, Governor Romney’s twitter account has seen a surge of over 116,000 followers, according to statistics on Opened in 2008, the account had 673,000 followers on 20 July, and increased 17% to nearly 790,000 followers in a single day.

This is more than were added in all the days of the preceding month combined, during which the former Governor of Massachusetts saw an average increase of fewer than 3500 followers per day.

TwitterCounter estimates Governor Romney’s account will hit over 857,000 followers by tomorrow, based on projections of today’s activity. This would be a more than 27% increase in followers over two days.

Rumors are circulating online that the sudden spike in the candidate’s online popularity may be attributed to the creation of fake twitter accounts.

During the 20 minutes it took to write and research this post, Mitt Romeny’s twitter account saw an increase of over 3000 followers.

[egyptorialist] is unwilling to speculate as to the cause of this sudden surge in the presidential candidate’s online following.

UPDATE: 140ELECT has been monitoring and investigating his twitter activity, and suggests that Governor Romney may have been buying twitter followers.

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